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The MTDL is an email discussion forum on issues about the Hmong in Thailand.

1. To connect friends of the Thai Hmong and to build Thai Hmong community in the cyber space.
2. To provide a specific channel for news, events, ethnic minority and human rights issues concerning the Hmong in Thailand.
3. To be a forum to learn and to share experience, ideas, and knowledge in history, culture, religious, education, sport, crafts, occupation / business, and any other issues related to the Hmong people.

1. Anyone may subscribe for membership using his/her email address, real name, and location he/she lives.
2. Member can post any article related to our objectives, but...
- No personal attacts or flaming.
- No obscenity and no adult web page links.
- No commercial advertisement.
3. MTDL takes no responsibility on any article / message posted by any member and that each member shall be responsible for any content and/or what he/she posted in term of personal idea / knowledge and all copyright laws.
4. MTDL holds the right to remove any posting article / message or terminate any membership at any time without any prior notice.
5. Member can unsubscribe at any time.

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